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To enhance cultural experiences for Lubbock and the surrounding area through accessible live performances of classical music.


The Lubbock Chamber Orchestra offers an opportunity to enrich the Lubbock Community by providing public access, free of charge, to professional live classical music performances. The organization contrasts a full symphony orchestra by featuring diverse repertoire with flexible instrumentation. While larger symphonic works are certainly a significant portion of the repertoire, concerts often include a featured local soloist, as well as smaller non-conducted chamber works.

The Musical Design:

The Lubbock Chamber Orchestra is led by a conductor but with significant programming input from principal players of each section. Musical themes and ideas are thoroughly considered by the Artist Advisors before programming decisions are made.The collaborative nature provides a sense of ownership and opportunity for the musicians, and promotes creativity throughout the ensemble.

Educational Component:

Because the conductor and the majority of the principal musicians are also music faculty at Texas Tech University, the opportunity to teach through the orchestra has become a useful and meaningful part of the mission. Each principal player selects the members of their section, often from their own teaching studio. The opportunity for professional level students to perform beside their major professors has become a sought after opportunity for all.

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